Yesterday I Became a Father

Posted by Adam on November 17, 2010

I am proud to say that now I am officially a father, as of yesterday. Everything went smooth and there were no complications. The kid has all 10 fingers and toes, and couldn’t be healthier. Just got home from the hospital a couple of hours ago and baby Casey is taking a nap in her new crib.

My girlfriend did a great job in decorating the nursery, as it is a  Winnie the Pooh theme, it looks great. We got baby monitors hooked up so that we can hear when she is crying and stuff, but still I keep on checking up on her like every ten minutes.

I have to say that the labor my girlfriend had went through was not that long, I have heard horror stories about young girls in their twenties going through labor for the first time, and I have to say that it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I though that it was going to be about 12 hours of screaming and cussing but it was really nothing like that.

The mid-wife that delivered baby Casey was very good and did a lot of good talking when the baby was being delivered. I can’t believe that she is finally hear. My girl is in bed right now resting, just thought that I would get on here real quick as it has been a hot minute since I posted anything. I try to update this place once a month but I see that I am falling way behind schedule.

Anyways I will be posting some pictures soon, I already have a ton on my facebook just haven’t had the time lately. Got to figure out a way to post pictures to this blog through my smart phone haha.

2 Responses to Yesterday I Became a Father

  1. Chris @ Small Business Unleashed

    Congratulations on becoming a father!

  2. Wayne @ Southern California Web Development

    Hey, awesome!!! Congratulations!!! Wow, wasn’t expecting to see this as a post here when I came to see what you have going on.

    Happy New Baby! (should be a holiday whenever someone has a baby, in my opinion…paid day off, all that, hahaha)