Online Dating – How I Met my Wife

Been falling away from this blog lately – lots of stuff has been going on. Baby Casey is almost a year old and just last month I proposed to my girlfriend – and she said yes. Needless to say we met only a couple of years ago, and we actually met through a small time online dating site. I have to say that I am so glad that I joined and became a member of that free online dating site like this one – or I would never be here today with the most precious girl in the world and the most awesome wife in the world – well not yet. The wedding is set to commence until October of this year.

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Been Maaad Busy

I really never fully understood how busy I was gonna be trying to raise a child, thank god that I have some help from a wonderful girlfriend. Anyway baby Casey has been great, making all sorts of funny cute noises and hand gestures now, and oh yes she is mobile as can be. Not walking yet – but I can see that it is going to be coming up soon. Read more »

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Yesterday I Became a Father

I am proud to say that now I am officially a father, as of yesterday. Everything went smooth and there were no complications. The kid has all 10 fingers and toes, and couldn’t be healthier. Just got home from the hospital a couple of hours ago and baby Casey is taking a nap in her new crib.

My girlfriend did a great job in decorating the nursery, as it is a  Winnie the Pooh theme, it looks great. We got baby monitors hooked up so that we can hear when she is crying and stuff, but still I keep on checking up on her like every ten minutes.

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Update on My Life and Baby Shower

There have been a lot of things that have been going on recently, first off the condo is looking great, and just last weekend we had the baby shower. It turned out way better than I could have ever imagined. Oh by the way we are having a little baby girl, I was kind of hoping for a boy but I guess this is what god has chosen and that is just fine by me. Now that we know I am actually super excited and cannot wait for her to get here.

She got tons of clothes, a new crib, all sorts of stuffed animals, books, and oh ya the most important thing that we are going to be using the most, cases and I mean cases of diapers. Read more »

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Almost Ready To Move In

First things off the condo is almost ready to move in. All we are waiting on is for the flooring to get put in, as we decided that we were going to stick with the laminate wood flooring, as we got a really good deal on a bulk order of 1500 square foot. The good news is that the flat screen television is already mounted to the wall, all the cable is ran already, so as soon as the flooring is down I can set up my computer desk, as he is coming to hook up the cable next Friday :) A lot of work had to be done, but the air conditioning is fixed, my buddies had came over for a couple of days and helped me get the place squared away. Read more »

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Decided To Go Fishing Today

So my buddy down the street that I tend bar with has a boat and we had the day off, so what the heck, he calls me up early in the morning asking if I wanted to go fishing. I know the old lady aint been feeling so hot, I was going to stay in with her but she insisted that I would go out fishing, just to get out of the house, plus I think that she needed some space to herself, I don’t know, I am not asking questions. So I quickly grabbed my fishing rods and tackle and headed out the door.  Read more »

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Closed on The Condo Yesterday

Finally this is over. It’s mine, only took 3 months to go through with it but it was well worth it since I practically stole the place. The downside is that with a cheap home, it usually needs a lot of work done to it, and there is no exception here as there is a lot to be done. The first thing that needs to go is the old smelly carpet, not only that, the air conditioning is not working either. It is a building process though, and things will be fixed one at a time.

The old lady wants to put tile down on the floor, but I am trying to talk her into getting laminate flooring instead, as it is easier to clean in my opinion. See tile is great and all, but I hate it when dirt and junk gets caught in the cracks of the grout, you don’t have that problem if you have a floating floor, otherwise known as laminate flooring. Read more »

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So my girlfriend is pregnant

Never thought that I would see this coming. Crap. Wait no, this is supposed to be a good thing, I was just joking. Anyways we just found at yesterday for sure. The day before she had taken about 3 different pregnancy tests and all of them had came up positive for pregnancy, and yesterday we had went to the doctor to confirm it, she is a month and a half pregnant. I am pretty nervous as this is going to be my first kid, and that I am not going to be able to party as much any more. So I guess that this is going to be my big welcoming to the real world of responsibility. Read more »

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Moving In To a New Home…

So my uncle and I were looking around on craigslist the other day and we were trying to find a new place for me to live, as the apartment that I am living in now just sucks. Not only that since the other month my girlfriend had just moved in with me, and believe me there is just not enough space to keep all of her junk. We are in a one bedroom apartment, not cool, the clothes and shoes that she has can take up the entire square footage alone. So with that being said I was on the prowl to find a place to buy, one that is bigger, and one that is closer to the family. Read more »

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Got a New Job

I have been working as an assistant for an attorneys office for over 2 years now, and it is time that I went on to do something more in my area of expertise that I like. I mean I just really do not like law work and all of that, and the attorney that I worked for had a handful of other assistants also. So I decided that it was time to put in my two weeks notice and get the heck out of there.

As for the new job I got hired as a bartender, go figure. I had a buddy that knows the owner of this bar that is on the beach of Fort Myers, Florida, and I have been there many times and he Read more »

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